Three Things I Like This Week

  1. I've been digging Oxide and Friends from Oxide Computer Company. Oxide is doing something very difficult-- building completely custom, completely secure (from the 1st instruction) servers. Oxide and Friends is the team chatting about the interesting parts of that monumental challenge. I only understand a fraction of what they are talking about, but it is still fascinating. It makes me wish I had finished my Computer Engineering degree. My favorite episode so far is the episode about the various circuit boards they've designed both for the server AND as tools to doing their work in the lab..
  2. is a delightful place to "get the best internet address that you’ve ever had." What that means is that it is a simple and very cute service that provides linktree-style profile pages, email accounts, fediverse accounts, link shortening, and more with one subscription-- all attached to the handle you choose for yourself. You can use their URLs, or attach the service to your own domain.
  3. I've been enjoying Becky Chambers's A Psalm for the Wild-Built. The story follows a tea monk whose life is upended when they meet the first robot anyone has seen seen the robots walked off the job and into the wilderness centuries ago. The robot brings with it a seemingly simple and practically impossible-to-answer question: "what do people need?"