Magic the Gathering: Arena is probably my game of the year

I've been playing Magic the Gathering off and on since 1995. I started out playing with paper cards (it was the only option!), and then briefly played Magic the Gathering Online around 2003. Since then, life changed and I didn't really have time to play. I became a lapsed player.

Last year, I got back into the game in a major way. MTG Arena, the new digital version of Magic, is perfect for me. It's extremely quick and easy to jump in and play a game. And the economy is extremely generous-- if you play consistently, you can get plenty of cards with little-to-no cash investment. And the Magic expansions coming out now are the most interesting and fun the game has been in years.

The community around the game has grown in a great way too. The streamers range from casual entertainers playing off-the-wall decks to the best players in the world streaming their practice sessions. I've even started following along with Magic e-sports and tournament play. In my house, we have favorite pro players!

All-in-all, it's been a great to (re)discover a new old hobby.