Three Things I Like This Week (2023-02-03)

  • The Weakerthans’s 2003 album Reconstruction Site. One of my intentions for this year is to listen to more complete albums instead of hopping from single to single. I’ve loved this album since it came out, but I rediscovered it this week after the track Plea from a Cat Named Virtute spontaneously appeared in my brain again. Every single track is good, but the album is even better as a whole.
  • Consumer Reports released an app called Permission Slip that lets you easily opt-out of data collection and sharing with many companies with a few simple taps. In some cases, you can even request that a company delete your data entirely. They estimate that they’ve saved their users something like 150,000 hours since launch. Amazing and totally free.
  • KeokeN Interactive’s Deliver Us the Moon is a sci-fi thriller adventure puzzle game. The Earth has been totally depleted of resources, and humanity’s only hope for long-term survival seemed to be a Moon-based fusion reactor and the Microwave Power Transmission (MPT) system. Then five years ago, without any warning or explanation, the lunar colonies stopped transmitting and the MPT failed, blacking out the whole world. You play as a lone astronaut sent on a longshot mission to investigate what happened and bring the MPT back on line. I became aware of this game when a sequel (Deliver Us Mars) was released this week.